Previous Awards

Below are awards from previous editions of Mid-Atlantic Simulation of the United Nations. If you have any questions regarding these awards, please feel free to contact the Secretary General at

MASUN XXVI (February 26-28, 2016)

The Fourth Committee: Special, Political, and Decolonisation

Best Delegate: Pakistan (Skye Chase Academy)

Outstanding Delegate: Palestine (Bishop Ireton HS), Germany (Sherwood HS), Switzerland (Marietta HS)

Honorable Delegate: Saudi Arabia (Kettle Run HS), India (Bishop Ireton HS), Nigeria (Woodbridge Senior HS)

European Union

Best Delegate: Germany (Sherwood HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Poland (Woodbridge Senior HS)

Honorable Delegate: Austria (Marietta HS)

Verbal Commendation: Ireland (Bishop Ireton HS)

United Nations Environmental Programme

Best Delegate: Brazil (Kettle Run HS)

Outstanding Delegate: France (Rock Ridge HS)

Honorable Delegate: Canada (Woodbridge Senior HS)

Verbal Commendation: Panama (Colonial Forge HS)

Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary General

Best Delegate: Franz Joseph I (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Victor Emmanuel III (Rock Ridge HS)

JCC Spain

Best Delegate: Efrain Moreno Romero (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Josué Cande Ibarra (Kettle Run HS)

JCC Morocco

Best Delegate: Sa’di Farag Al-Amin (Marietta HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Baqir Isa Muhammad (Bishop Ireton HS)


Best Delegate: Lex Luthor (Indian Creek School)

Outstanding Delegate: VIKI/Handsome Jack (Kettle Run HS)

Honorable Delegate: Talia al Ghul (Woodbridge Senior HS)

School & Other Awards

Best Small Delegation: Bishop Ireton High School

Best Large Delegation: Kettle Run High School

Crisis Award: Efrain Moreno Romero from Bishop Ireton High School

George Mason Award: Joey from Kettle Run High School


MASUN XXV (February 27-March 1, 2015)

The First Committee: Disarmament and International Security

Best Delegate: Cuba (Thomas S. Wootton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: United States of America (Thomas A. Edison HS)

Honorable Delegate: Croatia (Thomas S. Wootton HS) & Ghana (Bishop Ireton HS)


The Third Committee: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian

Best Delegate: Australia (Thomas S. Wootton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: France (Gar-Field HS) & People’s Republic of China (Thomas S. Wootton HS)

Honorable Delegate: Brazil (Thomas A. Edison HS) & Morocco (The Athenian Academy)

Verbal: Phillipines (Bishop Ireton HS); Norway (Thomas S. Wootton HS); Honduras (Woodbridge Senior HS)


The Sixth Committee: Legal 

Best Delegate: Denmark (Thomas S. Wootton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: United States of America (Gar-Field HS)

Honorable Delegate: People’s Republic of China (Thomas S. Wootton HS)

Verbal: Ecuador (Thomas S. Wootton HS) & Libya (Bishop Ireton HS)


United Nations Security Council

Best Delegate: Chad (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Venezuela (McLean HS) & Russian Federation (Thomas A. Edison HS)

Honorable Delegate: Chile (Bishop Ireton HS) & Angola (Woodbridge HS)

Verbal: United States of America (Thomas S. Wootton HS) & United Kingdom (The Athenian Academy)



Best Delegate: Russian Federation (Gar-Field HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Bulgaria (Thomas S. Wootton HS)

Honorable Delegate: Japan (Bishop Ireton HS)


League of Arab States

Best Delegate: Oman (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Lebanon (Thomas A. Edison HS)

Honorable Delegate: Iraq (The Athenian Academy)

Verbal: Palestine (Thomas S. Wootton HS)


Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary General: House of MUN

Best Delegate: Secretary of the Treasury (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Gar-Field HS)

Honorable Delegate: Secretary of Defense (NOVA Independent MUN Organization)

Verbal: Attorney General (Kettle Run HS) & Vice President (Thomas S. Wootton HS)


Justice League of America

Best Delegate: Black Canary (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding Delegate: Batman (Rock Ridge HS)


SIM, 2151: Olympus Rising Brotherhood 

Best: Xulla Imira (Bishop Ireton HS)

Oustanding: Mantequilla del Oro (Gar-Field HS)

Honorable: Fredrick Rasputin (Gar-Field HS)


SIM, 2151: Gaia Alliance

Best Delegate: York Derzik (Bishop Ireton HS)

Outstanding: Marco Asterino (Thomas S. Wootton HS)