IMG_4858At MASUN XXVII, we will be partnering with The Foundation for Post Conflict Development (FPCD) as this year’s MASUN Gives Initiative. FPCD is a US Non-Governmental Organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service Cod 501 3c, founded in 2005. The Mission of the FPCD is to achieve the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals in the context of post conflict situations.

This is where the FPCD has an important role to play to help keep the needs of these communities at the forefront. The FPCD lets the experts engage in conflict resolution and peacekeeping and strictly focus on development, especially for women and children.

365b8819-6fb2-41a8-d981-b3293f729636This year, we are going to be helping the FPCD raise money for their Women’s Health and Training Center in St Louis de Sud, Haiti. The FPCD has already successfully created three maternity clinics in Timor-Leste and Haiti. a Midwife Capacity Building Project is planned to train midwives from this Women’s Health and Training Center, in St Louis de Sud, Haiti and Midwives from the 2 Monaco Red Cross supported Maternity Clinics in Timor-Leste. These midwives will come to Monaco to increase their skills and then return to their countries and share what they learn.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this year’s MASUN Gives initiative, and feel free to check out FPCDs website for more information!

Please contact Anastasia Edwards, Deputy Director General, with any questions at